Slow Wi-Fi at home? 8 tricks you must know to boost internet speeds

Slow Internet Speed at Home

8 Tricks to Boost your Internet

Despite paying for high-speed internet connection at home, you might not be satisfied by the speed that you are getting. Now, before you crib about unsatisfactory speeds, there might be genuine reasons for this which might have nothing to do with your service provider. While very few of us pay attention to improve the home Wi-Fi network by making little changes to the hardware. Here are X tricks that you must know to improve your Wi-Fi speeds.

2. Don’t ignore your Wi-Fi router. Always update your Wi-Fi router to the latest firmware.

3. Opt for 5GHz frequency in your dual-band router instead of 2,4GHz. This helps overcome interference and offers better speeds.

4. Upgrade to a mesh Wi-Fi network to need the maximum coverage and speed.

5. Don’t keep the Wi-Fi router near walls. Placement of the router in the house impacts speeds.

(Always keep the Wi-Fi router in the middle of the house aways from walls. If possible, don’t hang the router on the wall and keep it in an open area. This will impact speeds)

6. Control bandwidth usage by particular apps by tweaking Quality of Service (QoS) settings in network administration.

7. Upgrade to newer Wi-Fi routers with a booster to get the most out of your internet plan.

8. Opt for external Wi-Fi antennas to boost speed and coverage for larger houses and premises.

9. Use low-cost repeaters and extenders to boost Wi-Fi coverage and speeds over a large area.


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