BJP will release election pitta today , at 11 am

BJP manifesto today at 11 am

BJP manifesto

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will put special emphasis on national security, farmer welfare, youth and women empowerment in its resolution letter for Lok Sabha elections. In the context of the welfare of the farmers, BJP has received a large number of suggestions from the people, including suggestions for starting a monthly pension scheme for the farmers. Let the BJP’s resolution letter be released on Monday at 11 a.m.

The party can also present the progress report of the works for the last five years. Sources told news agency PTI that it will be an emphasis on farmers. The issue of national security will be highlighted and emphasized that the country will not be able to keep any kind of softness on the issue of national security.

The issues related to the interests of farmers and youth will be mentioned in the resolution letter. There will also be a draft of the wide opportunities for employment and self-employment. In its manifesto by Congress, in view of the promise of a judicial scheme to provide financial support to the poor, BJP wants to present its resolution letter more intensified and attractive. It can be discussed in detail in the initiative to give 10 per cent reservation to the poor in the general category.

Monthly Pension for Farmers

Sources said that in the resolution letter, there may be discussions in detail regarding broadening the PM’s scheme. In relation to the welfare of the farmers, BJP received suggestions on a large scale from the people. The suggestion for starting a monthly pension scheme is key for the farmers. The party has also received suggestions for the Farmer’s Provident Fund Scheme for farmers.

The BJP wants to give a prominent place in the mind of the farmers about the mind of the farmers in their resolution letter for the Lok Sabha elections. According to sources, BJP will have a special focus on youth and women’s empowerment in its resolution paper. The party has received a lot of suggestions from the people in this regard, including the recommendation of reservation of at least 15 per cent for women in the cabinet, 33 per cent reservation for women in the commissions related to constitutional rights. Women’s taxpayers have also received suggestions for giving tax concessions and government jobs to widows of martyrs.

Increasing employment opportunities for youth and large scale promotion of self-employment can also be discussed in detail. Three divorces, Ram Mandir, a country, one of the topics of elections have also received a considerable number of suggestions.

Significantly, in the presidency of the Home Minister Rajnath Singh for the Lok Sabha elections, the party formed the resolution paper (manifesto). Under this, suggestions were received from around 7500 suggestion boxes, 300 chariots and electronic media from across the country.


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